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The other day I went to an art show opening, and saw some rather cool and interesting art.

It was a cold and rainy night, so I kept standing around for a refill of the delicious hot lemon and rum toddy they served there - and kept bumping into the same very nice girl. Turned out she had an office next to the exhibition space, and that she and her sister run this fine graphic design studio and brand: 'Hamide' - which they named after their Turkish mother, who was a tailor, thus honoring all her values
as an artisan and craftswoman.

They design all sorts of printed matter; calendars, posters, postcards, notebooks and the like.
Only a few days before I met her, I had been admiring some of their products in a shop somewhere,
so it was one of those funny coincidences.

Their elegant products make great christmas or new year gifts, and they have a 50% sale right now!

Read their adorable story, and check out their webshop right here...

Both images are from hamide.co

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