Summer Break

This blog will be taking a very official break (after a longer period of not very frequent posts - sorry about that, readers, I do hope you have found some of the old posts useful).

My family and myself will be making an old dream come true: the classic California roadtrip - from Seattle to San Diego with an lot of interesting stops on the way (Portland, Mount Shasta, Napa Valley, San Fransisco, Los Angeles - and a lot of smaller places like Monterey, Big Sur, Solvang, Palm Springs, Joshua Tree. Wow!).

It will be a big adventure, and I know I will be back with lots of new energy, power and inspiration, after a busy and a bit too challenging spring. And - perhaps best of all - an entire month spent in the company of some of the people I love best. Not too bad, huh? 

See you in late August, and a happy and peaceful summer to you all.