Kravlenisser / Shelf Elves # 2

I happen to know this family, who takes fun seriously - and I like that in a family.

They have taken the annual (predictable looking) family christmas card to new heights,
in my opinion, with inspiration from the aforementioned kravlenisser or 'Shelf Elves'.

With a lot of enthusiasm, hazardously stacked furniture, white sheet backdrops and a bit of
basic photoshop, they have established their very own christmas tradition.

The result speaks for itself, I think - no further explanation needed - and they turn it into
a cut-out sheet, and mail it to all their friends and family.

They have a lot of fun setting up the photoshoot, as you can imagine.

I give you: Charlotte, Martin and their kids Augusta and Virgil - end their very special
homemade multifunctional christmas greeting: Baunernisser!

(the top ones are from five years ago, so the kids have grown quite a bit in the bottom ones).

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