Getting there, sort of . . .

The thing with me, is that I haven't really gotten around to realizing it is December, personally -
if you know what I mean. I have been sitting very much at home in my (if you can believe it) not 
yet very christmassy looking home, and have been working on some absolutely un-christmassy projects.
The weather is grey and wet, so not very much help there, either. I look out the window, and it could be October or February.

But yesterday we went to visit my sister and had æbleskiver, and the whole place looked just so much in season. It was lovely. I have to show you the nisse-window:

I promptly went home and hung this baby in the window. And now I think I am slowly getting there....

If there are others out there with a similar problem, I will redirect you to a favourite blog of mine;
Door Sixteen - and to blogger Anna Dorfmans annual repost of the swedish christmas songs from her childhood.

If nothing else will, that usually does it for me.

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