Itty Bitty hearts

No time for blogging today at all - but I did have time to make these. They are a surprise for my son - he is four years old, and has his first little christmas tree in his room. It is just a tiny plastic one, and once in a while - not every day - I surprise him with a handful of small things to put on it, all sorts of mini-ornaments.

He is really into this (like mother, like son), and the other day I sort of promised him some proper paper hearts. And you can have them too! 

Perhaps you have a mini-tree as well? Perhaps you are a hobbit?

And, yes - they are rather small, as you can see....
I know, this is nothing, some people can make these the size of a peanut.

But this is just about the correct size for a hobbit tree.
Or my son's tree, which I might show you one of these days. It's gonna be fabulous.

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