The usual christmas shopping expedition to Malmö - always a bit special, even though I go there several times every year. It is a lovely place for strolling, windowshopping and fika (= relaxing with a cosy coffee break). Fika is of the utmost importance, if you ask me.

This is one of my favourite fika spots in Malmö, Konditori Hollandia, smack in the middle of the central walking street. I happen to know of several people who regularly take an outing to Malmö and have never been there, because it looks a bit too old-ladies-with-hats-and-furcoats like, but that is possibly what I love about the place. Today I had something slightly perverse to go with my lussekatt - a saffron truffle petit four. Yum! Konditori Hollandia is warmly recommended.


  1. Looks like a great day - love that shop window - especially those silver shoes!

    1. Thanks, Lexi - and yup, those disco platforms would love to go to a great christmas or new years party, I think!. I didn't buy them, though (nor did I buy the porcelain leopard), but I love a good vintage shop window!