Summer Slow

This little guy from a narrow canal street in Amsterdam, sums up everything at the moment: full stride ahead, but still... Slow + exclamation mark. A little reminder, I guess. In the last weeks I have made two or three projects, we have been on a road trip to Luxembourg, visiting friends. We also stopped in Belgium, spent several days in Amsterdam - and went to Legoland, which is technically not a country, but certainly feels like one. And now we're off to Sweden.

Blogging is something I don't have a lot of time for right now. Have lots of nice stories and ideas up my sleeve, though. So, patience. 


HuskMitNavn on instagram: a daily dose of giggle

HuskMitNavn is a Danish street artist who has become a very popular multimedia artist, working and exhibiting all over the world. I am a big fan, and I think his transition from the underground to the fine galleries and various commercial projects has been a succesful one (in more than the obvious fame-and-fortune ways). His particular brand of playful sweetness and his endless creativity when he flips around words or portrays mundane everyday scenes or hot political issues, is exactly the same as in his early work, black and white marker drawings which he pasted onto walls all over Copenhagen.

HuskMitNavn literally means RememberMyName - and he has managed to remain anonymous and keep his privacy under this name for many years now.

I follow him on Instagram, he is a quite frequent poster and has a small specialty going on at Instagram: these 3D drawings, where he twists and rolls and tears the paper to make funny things happen. They are so great and appear at least weekly. And just when you think he must have exhausted the idea, he posts an even more brilliant one. Right now, the hot summer weather that finally came, is a theme - and the boy on the toboggan is from last winter, of course.

He has such an eye for all the people types you see around you every day, and he loves a silly word play (- and so do I!!). 

That last one he posted as a comment on having recorded a podcast interview about his life and work!

A lot of his work is affordably available as silk screen prints and such - I think the best places for buying his work would be these: V1 GALLERY, Schäfer Grafik or Limited Works.

But lots of his work is still out there to enjoy for absolutely nothing, whether on Instagram, or here on a wall in Belgium somewhere.