Fantastic origami / Jun Mitani

This amazing origami artist popped up in some google search I made not long ago -
I thought I would share him with you readers here.

I found this little article about him (text by Caroline Aufort) on Li Edelkoorts blog, Trendtablet

Jun Mitani is a computer engineer, but he’s also a paper artisan; he designs origami pieces with computer programs that he develops himself. Seems complicated ? 
Not for him, as he explained to us: "My speciality in the field of computer graphics is geometric modeling, so it’s not difficult for me to develop computer programs for designing origami once 
the underlying theory of origami geometry is clarified."

The beauty of his creations might be in the clearness and smooth complexity of the shapes, 

almost just curves. The form is completely calculated by computer, it looks like an impossible 
things to make with just one piece of paper, but it is; Jun first start to work on his program, 
explores variety of origami shapes before he began to fold a sheet of real paper. 
The programs generate a crease pattern (a pattern of valley fold lines and mountain fold lines).

The pattern is scored on a sheet of paper by a cutting plotter. 

With these digital devices, now these sophisticated origami pieces are realized.

That’s why his art work is not just the folded origami pieces but also the software programs. 

Recently, Jun Mitani collaborated to 132 5. Issey Miyake collection.
Those three-dimensional garments are not cut or sewn but folded with permanent pleats. 
Invisible snaps allow the garment to be adjusted and fitted to the body.

Here are some more beautiful things he made:

Here is his own website, and here is a crazy timelapse video, where he folds one of his towers.

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