See you in november - or perhaps sooner?

The blog is hibernating for now - and let me thank you for the several thousand visits it had during
the christmas season, I am quite overwhelmed - and very happy I went through with it again, even
if other projects and general stressfulness took up most of my time in november and december.

You know who you are - and, amazingly, you came from all corners of the world this year.
From all around Scandinavia and Europe, from US, Brazil, Russia, Singapore, Australia -
and many other places.
I find that so very, very touching, and it makes me smile from my head to my toes.
And I will be back. Promise.

This blog sometimes has the odd visitor at other times of the year, looking for paper crafting projects, I guess, scandinavian christmas related topics or that sort of thing.

So, as a new thing I have made a full list with links to the blog posts with fun to download,
and tagged and updated all the links, also the 24 hour ones from the 2011 advent calendar thing.
Please use and enjoy, and link back to me, if you post them online.

Have a very, very happy 2013. Peace to you all.