No blog that sometimes (or even rather often) is about papercrafting, is complete without
a reference to the fantastic Danish mother-daughter outfit  Papermatrix!

They do the most astonishing designs, not for absolute beginners, I will say (I have tried some of
their woven cones), but worth the struggle.

Their website, which is in English, by the way, is crammed with free templates and advice, and they have also written a couple of books on the topic. They sometimes do workshops here in Copenhagen, but I haven't tried that. Would like to, though!

Their templates are line drawings and can be printed straight on to plain colored printing paper (as I think is done with many of the designs shown on the website), which is actually very decent for weaving, or at least for practising.

They are endlessly creative, and come up with new beatiful things all the time. I am completely awestruck.

Here - and this is just a very, very small taste - are some of their crazy and unusual heart designs.

All images are from papermatrix.wordpress.com

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