Support your local designer / Butterfly hearts by Claydies

Claydies is a brilliant Danish duo of ceramists / pottery makers / multidisciplinary designers!

There are so many reasons for my admiration; to begin with they are just excellent craftswomen - but I love the way they use their design skills to both perfect their special area of expertise: pottery and ceramics - but also to take that area to interesting, experimental places (an example is their fantastic idea of working blindfolded, resulting in the dogma tableware - and how about those irresistible hairstyle bowls?).

They always seem to have an eye on pushing the boundaries of the design process itself, and do not limit themselves to one media or discipline - they explore all sorts of ideas, I imagine, and many of them result in really exquisite, humorous and clever products.

You could follow them on facebook, if you are curious and want to keep up with their work.

Not that I need any occation to praise them, but since we are dealing with a bit of a theme here, my reason for this post, is that they made a really sweet christmas design this year: Butterfly Hearts!

They are produced by hagedornhagen - and they have a webshop, where you can buy them.
You buy a sheet with eight different butterflies (seen in image 2) and cut and weave them yourself. 

I love the way these hearts have two straps, corresponding with the butterflies' antennae!

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