Flea market gold - and a folksy heart for you!

Even though it sometimes seems like a waste of time (and money) I still cannot resist going to flea
markets. I honestly cannot think af many things I actually need, that I might find there - but. But.
It's the thrill of the chase, as they say.

I struck gold a couple of times the past summer, let me show you:

Small Höganäs pitcher, framed embroideries and a trivet from Arabia, handpainted and signed by
Ulla Procopé. And none of these items cost more than about five euro. Yeeha!
Now that is why I keep coming to these things.

The embroideries are especially fascinating, I think. Such work, such detail. Fantastic.
I could never make anything like that.

But I did get inspired, and made a kind of folksy heart for you to weave.
Download it right here! Enjoy.

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