Knit one purl two - it's another folksy heart!

I had such fun playing around with my embroidery and knitting motifs the other day,
that I just had to make another folksy and quite sweatery heart!

You can download it right here.

I love these patterns, that you might find in embroideries, as the ones I showed you a few days ago,
and in knitting patterns, and I collect them from all kinds of places. I sometimes even scan them, 
and vectorize them (lots of work!) - and the thing is, I neither knit, nor embroider.
But they are lovely all the same.

A folksy, wooly sweater is a kind of a timeless classic.

In Norway it would be a lusekofte, in other parts of the world it would be called a fair isle sweater.
They never seem to go out of fashion, and somehow embody a wholesome, outdoorsy and 
retro no-nonsense kind of dressing.

It even works with blazing red lipstick, and a little silly helmet-thingy, see? So cool.

A funny story that comes to mind, about such sweaters and their timeless appeal, is the almost world wide rage the Sarah Lund Sweater has caused. As perhaps you know, Sarah Lund is the heroine of the popular Danish television series The Killing.

Actress Sofie Gråbøl, who plays her, picked out the world famous sweater herself, among a lot of possible outfits for the tough and clever detective heroine, in an early costume fitting session. She picked it, she explains, because she felt that the sweater in so many ways, perfectly tells who Sarah Lund is. A woman who doesn't feel the need to neither power dress, nor dress sexy, but has her own definition of power, practical femininity, and of herself.

Her specific sweater is said to be a Faroese classic, but knitting nerds from all over Scandinavia have argued endlessly over this, so you didn't hear that from me - but it has a website dedicated to it!

And Sarah Lund is a modern sweater girl, indeed - or should I say sweater woman?
That's more appropriate, somehow.

Sofie Gråbøl / Sarah Lund - in the sweater of sweaters

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