DIY's - the full list

Over the years, I have made a lot of paper things, you can download for free, and make yourself.
Here are a few - and you'll find them all, somewhere via the links below.

FAQ: What tools and what paper do I prefer?
When it comes to paper, I like 80g. cheap supermarket inkjet paper for origami and 120g. quality printing paper for everything that has to be cut and glued to form 3D like objects, such as for instance the lovely paper minerals you see in the image above. I almost always put a bit of advice about paper or tools on the download PDF itself!

I also have this board on Pinterest, where I post images of most of my paper designs, you could check that out as well, for a visual overview.


Full list of links to all blog posts where you find my free printables and DIY projects for download:

From 2018:
Pleated Easter Eggs 
Origami link: simple Valentines heart

From 2017:
Magic Snowflake Paper Toy
Upside Down Origami Ornaments
Japanese Quilt Stars
Star Parade: six variations of Fröbel Stars
Origami Cherry Blossoms
A4 Origami Valentine Hearts

From 2016:
Golden Stars for a New Year
Two in One Origami Stars
Sharp Looking Snowflakes
Finn's Lanterns
Buttercup Flower Balls
Transparent Origami
Hidden heart Valentines letter
Japanese folding letters

From 2015:
Octahedron origami star
The Yayoi Tribute Pumpkin Heart
Baubles that go plop
Cubic paper ornaments
Triangular origami crystals
Little paper cubes for LED string lights
Triangular boxes for Easter sweets
Spring Origami Birds

From 2014:
Graphic Double Diamonds
Little woven hearts from Fröbel Star strips (tutorial)
Blue Origami Diamonds
Big Patchwork Bauble
Hama bead trees (with diagram)
24 numeral patterns advent calendar gift wrap
Paper Pumpkin Lanterns
Origami Easter Bunnies
Cherry Blossom Flowerballs
Paper minerals

From 2013:
Advent 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 gift wrap
Red and white folk art heart
Red / blue / white folk art heart
Solino Stars
Easy Peasy Flat Weave Stars
Itty Bitty Hearts, perhaps for Hobbits
Flat Weave Stars - classic christmas colors
Little Dip Dye Flowers

From 2012:
Ombré paper cones, or trees
Little Kivi-lantern covers
Paper onion domes
Candy tree ornaments
A 1001 night paper ornaments 
Peppermint candy paper garland
Ombré sheets / giftwrap
Paper trees backdrop

From 2011:
The countdown heart
The no calorie candy heart
Birdy hearts, both HERE and HERE
Easy Peasy Hearts
Bridget Riley hearts
Gingham hearts
Snowflake hearts
Wunderbaum hearts
The disco heart
Floral hearts, both HERE and HERE
Green paper tree mobiles
The heart letter garland
The grandmother heart
Twirly heart ornaments
Woven paper star for the tree top
The gingerbread cookie heart
Hearts that weave a starlike pattern
Heart for my baby


How to weave a christmas heart - a one page tutorial
How to make 'fröbel stars' (woven paper stars) - a one page tutorial
12 different 2010-hearts, from before this blog started

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