Solino stars

Today I want to put you up to a bit paper cutting, so here are some lovely - and not as much work as 
they might look - paper 'solino' stars. They might have many names, and I certainly didn't invent them, but, as you will see, I made things a lot easier for you, should you want to give these a go!

I spotted them in Berlin, and in Germany they are called 'Solino Sterne' - so I'll stick with that.
People usually make them in thin colored paper, and it is a huge job to mark out all the many folding
and pattern lines, but - tadaa - I did that for you!

Download my solino star sheets - one sheet for each star - right here!

Here are some practical advice before you start - follow them, and then they are easy to make!
  • You need small, sharp, pointy scissors.
  • Start by cutting the two strips and carefully 'concertina'-fold them. Use the edge folding lines.
  • One strip at a time, and - note this - one fold at a time, carefully cut the pattern cut-outs.
  • They are all printed on one side, but you can actually just see them throuth the paper, if you hold the paper up to the light, and in that way you can do the cut-outs from both sides.
  • When you are done, carefully glue the two pieces together, using only a narrow line of glue!
  • I have used the thinnest possible cutting line in the print, and a bit of it will still show after you are done, no matter how precise you are - but never mind, they aren't noticable when you see the ornament in full swing, so to speak. Also you only see them on one side - you could choose to display only the other side. I like them hanging, though - in a thin, white piece of thread.
  • Instead of threading them around the center, I have simply poured a drop of glue down the middle, and sort of pressed them in place - much easier that way. 

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