Easy Peasy Flat Weave Stars

Since we are exploring different kinds of stars at the moment, I thought it was time to work on this idea. A few christmases ago, I bought a small straw ornament, since I have a bit of a straw thing going on, as you know. It was made of flat strips of straw, and I also thought it would make a nice paper ornament, so I gave it a go late friday evening. And I quite like the result! 

So here are my Easy Peasy - because they really are, as soon as you get the idea - Flat weave Stars. 

I made you a set of four different ones, so just print and get started right here!

For all who know how to weave a christmas heart, this is really simple - but I would suggest that you leave the strips flat on the table for the weaving process, as you start with four strips, and then work strips five, then six, seven and eight into the first four. If they are not laid out flat, they will be all over the place. Sort of hard to explain in words, so I took some snaps to show you the steps:

Once you get the idea, it is very easy, and surprisingly, they need no glue at all, as the strips seem to lock each other in place. I punched some holes in them and gave them some string in bright colors.

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