Suits January perfectly: Brutgroup on Instagram

My favourite Instagram flow at the moment is this one: @BRUTgroup - a curated selection of images submitted from all over the world, with one theme: Brutalist architecture. Now, this is an architectural style most people have lots of opinion about, and no wonder, as it often has a kind of totalitarian-regime-vibe, and seems to be more about elaborate, over-the-top visions, rather than constructive ideas. 

But if you follow this account, and see the generous flow of images from all corners of the world, you get a much more nuanced idea, and sometimes simply a bit of a laugh - some of the projects are really absurd (and beware: a few of them are created in Photoshop!).

But there is something really beautiful here, I think. At least it's sculptural and eerie, and just perfect as a kind of architecture of the soul for this January, with its usual lack of sunshine and eternal howling wind. 

All images are from BRUTgroup on Instagram. From top, buildings from Morocco, UK, Brazil, Japan and Vietnam. Some are old, some more recent. Go check this cool account yourself!