Kravlenisser or perhaps 'Shelf Elves'. . . ?

Have you ever heard about 'kravlenisser' - ?

The word means something like 'climbing gnomes' - but I personally think 'shelf elves' would be more appropriate! They are, in fact, a Danish invention, much as the woven christmas heart is said to be.
They are slightly naughty, mischievous cardboard elves, up to no good, crawling about on your shelves.

They do so, by the most simple design: simply by a couple of bent flaps, you stick under the books or what ever is on the shelf. They are a kind of nostalgic, granny style christmas decoration I like, both because it is what I grew up with, and remember from every christmas of my childhood, but also because they are meant to be a little tacky and misbehaved.

These are my own family heirlooms, they were probably bought by my grandmother.

They are said to date from the 1940ies, and as far as I understand, the inventor of kravlenisser was the guy who also gave them their Danish name: illustrator and cartoonist Frederik Bramming. His designs are classics today, and a true kravlenisse-afficionado can name all the most famous of the designers.

Many were well known cartoonists, and they each added little touches of personality to the both annoying and charming creatures. Here are some typical and old fashioned, classic examples:

A Danish website covers the topic in nerdy detail with lots af fun stories and images - the guy who is behind it, really knows his 'nisser' - here it is: Kravlenissernes Side

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