USA trip # 1: I heart Miami

Hi again - I'm back after a rather long recovery of my hand, and a lot of unusually steady hot and sunny weather here in DK. Just lately it started getting cold and rainy, so this would be a perfect time to post a little, belated postcard from beautiful, sunny Miami, starting point of an East coast road trip I took with my family back in May.

A bit to my surprise, actually, I really fell in love with the little bit of Miami we saw. We spent three days, and chose to stay at a small deco hotel in the middle of the infamous party district South Beach, even though we are a fairly quiet family travelling with a five-year old. We did not regret that! It was a lovely, surprisingly tranquil place - okay, there were lots of people hanging out at the beach front cocktail bars, but the scene was cosy and relaxed, rather than rowdy and noisy. Maybe it was the time of year (early May), I don't know? But we all loved it! To me it was first of all a haven of fantastic, kitchy, colorful and well-preserved art deco, midcentury modern and any kind of fun revival architecture you can think of, and so much more of it than I expected. The so called Deco District is lovingly well taken care of, and the lush, exotic greenery and the magnificent beach next to it, all make it a very interesting place to visit.

Here are some (mostly architectural) snapshots - and if you would like to see some more pictures, from the Cuban district Little Havana, from the gorgeous Venetian Pool in Coral Gables and a few more places, you could check out my flickr album.