First advent and a little quick fix for you

Late last night I wrapped 24 small silly gifts for my son - ranging from glow in the dark dinosaurs to a pack of fake sailor tatoos (if you know him, please don't tell him). They hang on a long rope suspended on the front our bookshelves, and that is how we do it. Every morning he gets to choose a gift, and open it after breakfast.

This kind of advent calendar is very popular in Denmark, and as much as many parents loathe them, I still cannot resist the sheer joy it brings a four year old. I buy about half of gifts and his grandmother the other half, and I rarely buy anything that cost more than a euro (his grandmother tend to go a bit more crazy). Anyway - some people hate these things, some do a sock, as you can buy the things as you go along - and some only give the little gifts on the four sundays of advent.

I do the full 24 gifts thing, because I like wrapping things, and the gifts in themselves are pretty.

Well - today is not only December first, but also the first sunday of advent.
For those of you who haven't gotten around to inventing a clever gift calender thingy for your dear one(s), here is a little something that might inspire you. And it is a quick fix - all you have to do is print the PDF (it is right here), and find four little lovely things to wrap. It might be four chocolate bars, it might be four golden rings (four calling birds won't fit, since the sheets are only A4, ha ha) - I'm sure you come up with something.

I like making patterns, and all sorts of graphic details or shapes can set off some kind of pattern or repetition going on in my head, when I am in that particular mood.
These patterns are made from the numerals 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 - and are little hints about which gift to open on which sunday.

Happy first advent!


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    1. Thank you so much, SJC! Have you seen the new printed 24-days version, available in the blog-shop?