Sorry for posting so late today - too much mundane work.

Here is bit of work for you guys. It took me a while to get around to these, I didn't have patience
to make them as a girl, but now I love making them. They are really easy, once you get the idea.
In Denmark they are very popular, and the little paper strips you make them from, are sold in
supermarkets and bookshops - which makes it much easier.

For you out there, who doesn't have such conveniences - make a whole bundle of strips, once you've
got the ruler and the knife out - these are fun to make! They work well in sturdy, not too flimsy paper.
You can make them from all kinds of ribbon as well, of course.

I give you a tutorial today - not too interesting for most of the danish readers, but I know that I have
readers from USA and Australia, where not just about everybody knows how to make these.
And I will leave the tutorial-link where it is!

For a while I just made bundles of white ones, but I have this urge to embellish - so I paint them
or dip them in glue and glitter and make sure they get just the right kind of festive ribbon!

I especially like the ones, where I dipped just the tips in glossy paint - I'm definitely gonna make more
of those.

Go get started here

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