Merry Christmas, everybody

And a good morning to you all! Everything here is peace and quiet, and it has actually been the first
quiet morning (which has turned into an afternoon...) in weeks and weeks. Every gift was wrapped
last night (and quite a few weren't bought until late yesterday afternoon)  - we sip coffee, and our
son has just opened his last extra fine luxury advent calendar gift: a Lego Duplo garbage truck.
All is bliss.

And on that note, I will start this day with a very appropriate little christmas scenery.
(I will return with the very last heart of the day, in a while.....)

But first:
Vilmas nativity, made by Vilma, 8 years.
Vilma and her sister Alma (9 years) are my special girls, and a few days ago, we visited their home
- and their christmas tree - at the 'Klippeklistre' session)

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