O Tannenbaum

We got the tree. And now I think it looks so nice, it would be almost wrong to put anything on it...

As you can see, I have an alternative baum in the background, much more suited, I might add,
to actually hang decorations on. Those thick, stubbly fir or pine branches are hard to decorate, but
have no fear: We will get to that.

In fact I promise to return in a couple of hours with something quite essential for the tree.
Keep an eye on this space.

In the meantime, I want to show you Berit's tree.
Berit is a great lady in the family, who is a firm believer in both christmas and in adorning your house
with gusto at this time of year. She has the best trees.
She gets a very large tree (and is fortunate to have a living room with some ceiling height to it) and
puts every single bit of decoration the family has, small and large, old and new, on it.
Can you spot the Hama beads?

Personally, I tend to go for a smaller tree (this is a practical necessity) and a more bare look.
But glamorous over-the-top trees make me happy! Below are a few snaps of various trees -
The first one is from a Polish shopping mall, where you actually couldn't see the tree itself (although
I suppose it was in there, somewhere?) - and then one at the waterfront in Gamla Stan, Stockholm.
The last one, Rockefeller Centre, I didn't take myself - but spending christmas in New York seems
a lovely, romantic thing to do. Maybe someday?
I'll definitely take my ice skates, then.

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