Easy Peasy

This needs to be a very slow and low key day. No fuss. Sit down - and stay down. Please.

Why don't you make yourself some of these?
It gets no easier than this, and they are great to make for even very small kids.
But they make such a pretty shape - and I mean to hang mine in almost invisible thread.
There are no handles in the template, but you could make some from ribbon, glossy pink, perhaps..?

I made these, lying on the floor, sorrounded by two a-bit-more-than-two-year-olds, whomping
each other with the BRIO train set. Quite cosy, actually, as they were not whomping constantly.
In between whompings, they smeared themselves with tangerines and sometimes they just played.
Nice 'n easy. 

My husband is a bit of a math wiz (in my eyes, at least), and I asked him how many ways the twelve
'dots' can actually be combined - from one print, of course. He promptly blurted out: "Twelve, you said... Well, let me see - that must be about some forty thousand combinations".
This he promptly withdrew a moment later. Then he started calculating again - and then he and our
little train wrecker went to the zoo. So your guess is as good as mine.

Download them here

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