Gingham hearts

Made you these today..... And even changed them a bit before saving the template, but you have
to make do with these pics, as my camera ran out of batteries. Download them here.

Gingham is great.

Did you know that the global reserve of gingham fabric was close to drying out, when
Brigitte Bardot got married in this little number, in 1959.....?
It started a worldwide gingham-craze, that lasted well into the mid sixties.

When Brigitte Bardot donned a pink gingham checked dress to her 1959 wedding to actor Jacques Charrier, it marked a notable shift in the fashion status quo. Although it did help the popularity of the designer Jacque Estral greatly, it coincided with, “the decline in the hold of couture over the fashion business,” according to film historian Ginette Vincendeau. As youth culture celebrities began to popularise styles instead of designers, looks were highly copied.
The August 1959 issue of Life magazine reads, “One of Paris’
biggest stores is selling 8,000 Bardot Kerchiefs a month and 3,500 gingham dresses like the one Bardot wore at her Wedding. Said a Visiting U.S. fashion editor, “You can’t buy a yard of checked gingham in Paris, not even for kitchen curtains, since Brigitte
picked the fabric.””

Text by Laura Havlin

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