Today is (yet another) a rainy and grey day here in Cph., and I feel in the mood for some rather
springlike birds. Don't ask me what kind they are, as I am no ornithologist.
They might be robins, though, come to think of it...? Nope.
Just googled robins, and they look completely different.

But when you have a garden - as we do, in our little place just outside the city - birds are a very large
part of the winter scenery. They are somehow the garden flowers of wintertime, and I can watch them
forever. We don't go out there as much in the winter, but when we do, we feed them excessively with
peanuts, sunflower seeds and other luxuries.
And then you just sit very, very quietly inside and watch them gobble away.
Very relaxing.

And birds are important on christmas trees, for more animistic reasons than christian ones.

So today I give you a birdy heart. Chirpy cheep cheep. Download here.

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