Say what? Whatever does that mean?

Well - it means something in the neighbourhood of 'cutting and sticking' - and is a common enough
Danish word (even though you won't find it in the Great Encyclopedia) for a particular kind of
get-together practised in the christmas season. Basically you just hang out, making nice things for the
tree, all the while lots of cookies, candies, nuts and warm beverages are consumed. A cold christmas
beer is also a perfectly acceptable beverage for this kind of activity, and it is appropriate for all ages
(the activity, not the beer).
The very young ones make fab decorations with a slash of glitter glue on a cardboard thingy.
And the rest of us join in, to the best of our abilities. There will always be one or two that are totally non-productive, but sit around fidgeting with the same star for the whole session - and others who
really work.

But generating massive cosiness is the main activity, of course. And that does not necessarily require
actual work.

Today we are visiting some of our best friends, doing exactly that, among other things. And this year
it is actually purposeful, as they lost most of what they kept in their basement storage during one of
the heavy rains we had this summer - as many Danes did. Including all their christmas stuff, so they
are actually starting over - and I shall be most pleased to assist.
I have just picked up the box with nice paper and various bits and bobs.

I shall attempt to make some kind of documentation of todays production and share it here!

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