A couple of days ago, I went to Malmö to do a bit of sightseeing and some, mainly selfish, shopping,
with my sister and my friend. And - as many of you know - Malmö is a bit of a shopping haven.

We had a very fine day, and ate a lot of memorable snacks, but just I couldn't get the shopping off
the ground. I ended up with three pairs of very utilitarian black woolly socks for myself.  
And the MUJI gift wrap with the little trees on, okay (the teeny tiny MUJI in the Malmö Åhléns,
is a great way for us MUJI-ites in Copenhagen, to have a little bit of the real thing, without having
to fly to London, Paris - or Tokyo).

For my son and my husband I found several nice things, of course. Sigh.

The heart of the day will be posted in a little while - have patience....

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