A peaceful sunday

- to you all. Some of you are having the big day today, and others, like us here in DK are resting
after yesterday (and assembling big enormous boxes of Lego, BRIO etc.).

We had a fine christmas day, and today we somehow managed to eat as much as we did yesterday -
but otherwise peace prevails, here in our little very, very privileged corner of the world.

I will take it easy for a few days, but otherwise this blog will probably follow me, and I it, into 2012.
And then, who knows?

I will just post this angel today - despite not being a very religious person.
But if not these days, then when?
It is an Ethiopian angel, and in Ethiopia they have lots of reasons to hope for actual interference by
angels. Anyway, they have a very firm belief in them, and christian churches in Ethiopia are adorned
with images of angels all over. But angels who have these strong, dark eyed features, and who look
wise and real, somehow. Not like the floaty, ephemeral creatures - mostly with averted eyes - that we
know from European tradition.
I'd go for an Ethiopian angel any day, even though they always seems to have the wings stuck at the
back of their heads, and not on their backs. But what do I know?

This little angel is painted by Gebrekristos Solomon Belachew, you can meet him here.

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