Kizhi Pogost

The thing is, I do have this weak spot for russian cupolas.
And in addition to that, for wooden architecture.

My list of places I would like to see in the world is loooooong, but I have to share this with you,
as the russian extravaganza of yesterday, made me think of it.

In central Karelia, in Russia, some 500 km. from St. Petersburg, is the lake Onega. In it, on the
Kizhi island, you will find one of the most spectacular wooden buildings on the planet, in my view.
Several buildings, in fact, as it is two churches in a large wooden enclosure - the 'Kizhi Pogost'.
The Church of Transfiguration (1714) and the Church of Intercession (1764).

It's on the Unesco World Heritage list:  http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/544 

This place I have to see, some day.

Images: top and middle: Wikimedia. The last one is by Flickr user ksenik_dan

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