Halleluja, Hama

From top:

Monster from creme de la krea
Door sign I made for my nephew
Woven bracelet fram Spagat - and I think there is a tutorial over there, some place,
nope, that link was gone - but found it here. It is in danish but has drawings on page 3.

Last, but not least -
the legendary Copenhagen Street Art crew OEPS (photo by Finn Frandsen, Politiken).
These two hardworking girls have been adorning the city with Hama Beads in the most
astonishing way. I hear they have moved on to other media, and you don't see their
work that much more, but their pieces were sought after and fought over - and impressive!
They developed a special tool for sticking their work up on hard-to-reach high places,
something involving collapsible broomsticks, hinges and other clever things. Charming!

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