Just a couple of old fashioned hearts

If you are all as busy as I am today. I suggest we keep the workload to a minimum.
Some people have asked me, if I could post some more hearts with 'unusual' fringes, and here are
two of my favourite varieties: With just a few angles to the fringes, you end up with these fantastic
star-like patterns. And I thougt they went well with just some polka dots and plain color.
Come and get them here!

Do you like the stackable wooden candlesticks? My clever friends from Helgo made those.


  1. Tina I really love these gorgeous hearts! With your friend's candlesticks they look great. Happy New Year to you from Sydney Australia! :-))) P.S. I am loving my hearts that I bought from you, plus the ones you've been loading onto your blog...

  2. Kate, happy New Year to you too!
    Imagine having readers in Sydney... Wow, great! And I promise you there will be more hearts, in some shape or form - keep an eye on this space, from time to time. This blog will probably take a very long break, and pop up again - at the very least next winter, but perhaps sooner.