We woke up to this. Which makes it far easier to get in the mood for advent 1st. Pretty, huh?
Snow is not something we can automatically expect in Denmark, so we enjoy it a lot.
Sleighs, skis and big boots are taken out immediately, as we know the lot might be gone again
by tomorrow. We also complain madly about it, but that's just us Danes.

Should you be more inclined to stay indoors today, you might make yourself some nice cones,
just like these, that I made for you. That is a soft start, no?
You may stick a sprig of pine in them, or just leave them as they are. I made them in red and green,
so voilà - they are little trees as well, if you like. Find the link a bit further down....

Ombré cones or trees: Click here

I must like trees as decorations - last year I crocheted them, and made the twirly ones!
If you missed the twirly ones last year, get them again here.

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  1. Very pretty, those trees. Sis.