Window dressing

Better late than never, I say. Our window is now inhabited by a sort of global peace and harmony picnic.
Zebras, christmas elves and penguins are joyfully singing along.

I made the tree backdrop the other day, not thinking that the cone trees were enough.
So if you are up to a bit of last minute christmas landscaping in the window, I give you  
a row of suitable trees right here. Print them on heavy paper, 120 g. or more, if you have it.

The little clay boy next to the zebra is piece of artwork, by Morten Jacobsen, my brother-in-law.
He made these crude clay castings of fine porcelain figurines from his childhood home in his  
Memorabilia project, and I was very thrilled to find a small wolly hat for him.
So right now he is a part of another art installation, of sorts. Very mixed media.
He will be released again after christmas.

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