Pimp that Kivi

This is so simple, it hardly qualifies as an idea, but I'll let you have it anyway!

I love Iittala Kivi lanterns, and I have amassed quite a collection of them over the years.Their heavy chunkyness appeal to me.They make any tablesetting or such look pretty, epecially if you have a bit of mixed colors. I sometimes use some for vases and some for candles, that looks good. I also sometimes decorate them, for instance I have painted little Tipp-Ex dots on them, and sometimes I make covers for them. Not that they actually need it, but I just like playing around.

Plus I like any idea where you just need a bit of ordinary white paper.
(Of course you could use the 'birds feet' slit pattern for larger lanterns, from jam jars, or whatever.) 

These are little strips for your Kivis, wintery and white. Just print (from here), cut and stick them on.

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  1. Why don't you post some of your pretty tablesettings? You must have one or two!! Sis.