Ombré Schlombré

It has been impossible to miss this trend, if you like to browse the fashion blogs every now
and then, like I do. I had never heard this slightly pretentious word before - ombré, oh la la -
but in fact it just means 'shaded', as far as my rather poor French will take me.
Or something in that neighbourhood, I guess.

But this effect is something I have always been very fascinated by, and I remember home dyeing
sessions where my friend and I ruined yards of silk chiffon, trying to make something like this.
It ended up just looking slighty blotchy.

Whether you call it ombré or something entirely different, it is quite yummy, and I have been
bookmarking things all summer, and never buying any of them, of course. Here are some....

Vintage kimono, Zara suede bag, Stine Goya t-shirt, Ann Demeulemeester sneakers

Patent leather Prada mules I saw on eBay. Sigh. I would never wear these, but arent they just desserty?
See, I just made up a word there, 'desserty' - but that is exactly what they are. Desserty.

And another Stine Goya dress, from 2010 (she sure was on to something there...)

Last, but not least, is a really useful thing that I think Santa is going to bring my son in a few days.
Lucky him....

'Kebnekaise' bean bag from Little Red Stuga

But I was getting to something entirely different. I have been doing some backgrounds for some
designs, very inspired by this relentless trend. There is a tool in Adobe Illustrator called 'gradient',
that enables you to make such color effects really easily, but it has its limitations, and is a rather
crude tool, in my opinion. So I have been working with simple geometric patterns, and making
up to forty layers in a design, in order to isolate them and be able to gradually adjust the fill color.

This I would call nerdy digital dip dyeing.

As a byproduct I have been using some of these for some of my christmas stuff, and today I just
wanted to give you some plain sheets of these, to wrap small gifts in, or to use for paper crafting.
If you have access to A3 printing, just scale them to fit, but the ones you see here are A4.

The sheets come in a dotty pattern, and one with triangles. Use as you like!

Here are the dotty ones.                 
And here are the triangle pattern ones.

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