Work, work, work. And I mean this in a nice way.

This saturday we met for a proper, traditional klippeklistre-session. Lots of fun was had by all,
and everybody produced some really wow pieces. And ate a lot of food and sweets!

Here are a few samples: several angels with interesting outfits, the christmas rabbit (?), snowflakes,
the multicolor Pippi Longstocking Hama-ornament (and Hama-hearts, of course!), the afro angel,
the other afro angel, the disco pan flute, the neon star....
And lots of deep concentration!


  1. hvor ser det bare fantastisk ud!!!!! Al støvsugningen værd-----

  2. Oh my god, do you think we're going viral now? Sis

  3. Nooo, that would be Mariah Carey. I think.