Practical Numerology

Apparently everybody are getting married today!

Well, at least according to the chatty radio show I have been listening to all morning. People are
queueing outside the town halls, and at Copenhagen City Hall, they have skipped the otherwise
necessary pre-registration - you simply walk right in and get yourselves hitched!
Just so you know, should anybody be thinking about it.
They will be open from 10am and until 7pm.

Congratulations, everyone - you know who you are.

It appears that it is a guy thing, this getting married today - in order to easily remember the
anniversary date. I can relate to that, since we always forget ours!

And if you are really going all in today, I do think a bit of christmas themed apparel might be
appropriate. Put on something red! Wear a buttonhole poinsettia or a big fluffy beard.
Say 'ho ho ho' instead of  'I do'.

(mr. and mrs. Santa wedding dress dolls from www.paperdollywood.com)

And if you are already married, or have no intention of going down that road, but do like beautiful
numerals, just like I do (I am married, though - and did get married at Copenhagen City Hall,
which was lovely, but, as I mentioned, at a most unmemorable date, which we both seem to forget...)
- well then, why don't we do a rerun of the very numerological Countdown Heart from last year?
Get it right here....

PS: Darn, I should have posted this at 12:12 o'clock, but I missed that..........!!!

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