Today you could give these a try, I thought.

I've been thinking of making them, since I saw something like this years ago, on a lovely 30ies
christmas tree in the Skansen Museum Village in Stockholm - I place I very warmly recommend
you visit, should you come to Stockholm. Around Christmas all the old buildings are candlelit, and
traditional finery and food are displayed, typical of the region the building comes from originally.
It is glorious, and intensely time capsule like.

I saw these 'karameller' on a tree in a house from the thirties, one of the newer houses at Skansen,
and I found them so charming, that I made a sketch in my notebook:

And now I finally got around to making myself some christmas tree goodies.
Again, a super easy project. 
If you can't find some proper cardboard tube, you could just roll up a plain sheet of paper and use
that instead. Instead of the tissue paper, some metallic paper would look great at the ends, as well.

Get the goodies - labels in Danish                 Get the goodies - labels in English

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