Introducing blog guest: Klara

Now, Klara is this great girl I know. Not only is she nice and enormously funny, she also does fine
graphic design, is a very promising photographer and artist - and she is patient and knows her way
round a sheet of origami paper. Talk about star quality.
When I saw she had made these amazing stars, I asked her: "...HOW!!??" and I said: "Show us!!"

So, I will let her do the talking:

"I am going to introduce you to the 30-modular christmas star. It's also called a dodecahedron.
Modular origami is a branch of the classic japanese origami tradition, where you, instead of using one
sheet of paper, use two or more to make a more complex structure.
These stunning stars are made with various types of ordinary origami paper, and you'll need 30 sheets.

(all photos above: Klara Povlina Lilja Jensen)

The last image gives you a bit of an idea about how the single modules look.  

You can see the video folding tutorial right here. There is a nice guy, who will walk you through all the
steps, and it is slowly paced, and quite easy to follow.

Click here to go to the YouTube video!

One of the top comments for the video is:
'Assembling this thing is an easy way to turn a normal person into a mad killer.'

And I have to say, this is not a beginners origami project.
The first one took me two hours to make. But with some practice it becomes easy and you should
be able to make one in 20 minutes or so.
If you get frustrated, take a deep breath and watch the video again.

Have fun!"


  1. where do you buy your origami paper? on the net or in copenhagen?

  2. In Copenhagen I know of two places:

    Gothersgade 17
    1123, København K.
    Den Kinesiske Butik
    Rosengården 13-14
    1174, København K.

    But I am sure even Panduro has it.
    Yep - they do:

    - and there must be countless (also cheaper) places online, worldwide.