Candy Garland

It may sound like the stage name of some burlesque showgirl, but is actually a quite fun little project
for a sunday afternoon (and to those who prefer burlesque showdancing this sunday afternoon -  I feel convinced that other blogs cover this topic quite extensively).

There seems to be a certain 3D aspect to all the things I have posted this year, and these little
peppermint candies are no exception. They are very easy to make, and of course they don't
necessarily need to go on a garland, but could be hung individually. I used this very long needle
I have, to string them. It is called a 'dolls needle' in danish, since apparently you need very
long needles for doll making. I have never made a doll in my life, but use this looooong needle for
all sorts of things, so get yourself one of those, if you are a crafty kind of person. Very handy.

Get the peppermint candy PDF thingy right here

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