Onion Domes

Yesterday was Big Serious Deadline day, so I am a bit behind schedule with the blogging -
but today is a beatiful sunny day, and a powdering of light, glittery snow is everywhere.
It is hard not to be smitten with a bit of christmas delirium.

I have this thing with Russian onion domes (remember these?). Not to mention Uzbek, Azsrbadijan,
Iranian or Indian onion domes. I've seen a few, and I plan to see more.
We have a fine example right here in Copenhagen, on top of the Alexander Nevskij Church.

I made these for you - my son calls them 'airy balloons' ('lufteballoner') - but of course they're
just onion domes. They are super easy to make - and they look almost surprisingly  good!
Just my kind of project.

I made four different colors, and please note that the PDF is meant to be printed pages 1+2, and then
pages 3+4, which are the backsides. Check the little instruction in the bottom of the sheets, before
you print.

Get them here!

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