No Christmas without woven hearts!

Not on this blog, anyway. And since I have done so many of the traditional ones, especially back in 2011 (links here, at the bottom of the page), I thought you might like these. 

Just like the little project the other day, these are an alternative thing you can do with the Fröbel Star strips, and I think the older kids will like them too. You could also do them with ribbon (that needs to be a bit stiff and coarse), felt, plastic or leather like fabric. These here below, are made with four 15 x 50 mm. paper strips, folded in half, exactly as you need for a star.

If you can weave a Fröbel Star, these are super easy (much easier than stars) - but really, they are, even if you can't.

I have made a tutorial, and you can find it right here.

Apologies for the murky images in the tutorial, but they were taken in lamplight, and that is always a tricky situation - but I assure you, they are cute and easy to make, and I hope you like them.
Bye for now.

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