Blue Origami Diamonds - and a Cph shopping tip

These origami diamonds have been a slight obsession for me and a couple of my girlfriends. We started making them only recently, and they are addictive! Once you begin, you just get into the weird origami flow and only the fact that sometimes you run out of paper, seems to stop you. My friend had made a 146 of them the other day, and then decided to loose count there and then. She says they are just for decorating her tree - so I hope to get a nice picture to post here, because that sounds cool!

They are the simplest kind of modular origami: two sheets to make one diamond. I spotted them on YouTube some time ago, and thought they would be nice if you made them in lots of different patterns, but essentially in just one color. 

If you like my single color idea, I designed you a set of blue shades origami squares! They are also only 11 x 11 cm. (most origami papers are 15 x 15 cm.) and that makes a nice size for the ornament. I punched a hole with a needle through the tip and put some loops of bright blue makramé string in (they do this slightly differently in the video, but my way is easier).

I made a batch of these for the annual Christmas Market in the local weaving workshop, if you just simply cannot be bothered to make them yourself.

This market is really, really worth checking out, if you are anywhere near my neighbourhood, Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. It is the tenth anniversary og the workshop this year, and they have invited lots of guests to join the market - you will find everything handwoven, from large rugs to feather light cashmere scarves, and everything else textile: Pillows, tea cosies, shibori dyed silk, hand knitted fashion items, and much much more. Everything in superior quality, investment pieces at a bargain price all handmade by some of the best weavers and textile designers in town! There are also graphic prints, silver jewellery, glass and ceramic pieces - and lots of inexpensive little Christmas knick knacks (such as my origami) in paper, porcelain, felt, plastic and so on.

This is where you'll find the workshop, at Smallegade in Copenhagen

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