Hey, it's December 1st! Let's make trees.

Hello everybody! It is December 1st, and Christmas is officially the theme of this blog for the next many weeks. I will try to post often, though perhaps not every day, and this year I will try to post a few projects especially for kids, or those of us who like very, very simple projects. 

So let us begin with one of those!
(And I do promise some comlicated-looking-but-actually-easy paper things as well, just as usual....)

For newcomers to this blog: My DIY's have a sort of general philosophy. They are nearly always paper designs, and simple and straightforward to make, though sometimes they require a steady hand. But that's about it. I try to do the thinking for you as often as possible, and usually you just have to print, cut and follow easy instructions. 

I start with something completely different, however, because already the other day, I talked about Hama Beads. And since we have been at them for weeks (they never leave the dining room table), I started making these little green trees, and the little plantation just grew and grew. We kinda like them, and my son, aged five, made the smaller ones. They just require a large square pegboard, and some counting skills. You could add colored beads for tree decorations and perhaps even add a star to the top. It's not that I in any way came up with this idea, but perhaps I made it a little bit simpler for you, if you save (it's just a gif) and print this diagram. 

They are a little bit different that the 'flat' Hama ornaments, and my son found it fascinating that it was so easy to make something 3D. We had a lot of different green colors, but they would look so cool in reds and pinks - or whatever you like!

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