Kasia Gasparskis FLOOR PLAANs

The other day I was walking along one of the small streets in central Copenhagen, and passed some of my favorite dream windows - and you all know what I mean by that! They belong to the fantastic goldsmith and jewellery designer Kasia Gasparski, and I have been coveting her jewellery as long as I can remember, especially her gold pieces with red enamel. In the windows were these fantastic filigree like objects, which turned out to be little architectural silhouettes, when you looked closer....

There was a small note in the window about them, but the shop was closed, and I went home and googled, but found nothing. A couple of days later, I went back and knocked on her door, and found her busily at work on these very interesting objects! Here is what the windows looked like, from the inside, maybe that gives you a better idea.

So, I got the story. Kasia Gasparski has always been fascinated with architectural images in her work, and has made some wonderful pieces using that very basis for all architecture, the floor plan, as a motif, sometimes symbolizing something very intimate and private, and sometimes things much grander. A couple of examples:

The gold brooch is based on a modern Danish family house, and the silver brooch depicts the plan of the old Copenhagen Castle, which stood from 1370 to 1713! Now, she is a very interesting artist, indeed, and I urge you to google her work, and find out more yourself, for her work is both humorous, philosophical, sensual and much more. And very wearable too! She explained that her website is under reconstruction, but I will give you a link anyway, because a new one will definitely emerge here:
Kasia Gasparskis website, www.kasia.dk

I will try to stay with the subject, and not talk much about her jewellery right now, even though it's hard (that would require so much more space), but about her FLOOR PLAANs, as she has named her invention: the floor plans of some of the most significant and beautiful churches in the world, done as hanging ornaments. She has just started a commercial production of them, and was working on the first batch, fresh from the people who precisely laser cuts them in wood. Then Kasia herself will sand them, base coat them, sand them again, and finish with a layer of matte white. 

They end up looking so crisp and almost snowflake like, and if you have an interest in architecture, they will make you rediscover the magic beauty of the plan. They could be Christmas ornaments to some, icons or crosses to some, and architectural mobiles to others. I just love the idea, and I think you are welcome to read into them what you feel like!

She told me that she is working frantically on making them available online, but until now, you have to buy them in her shop in central Copenhagen. They start at around 32 euros.
Adress: Kompagnistræde 25, DK-1208, Copenhagen K. Phone: +45 33 14 16 80.

She has made two series, one of churches from Istanbul, Aachen and Jerusalem, among other places, and a series of Danish churches. I will end this post with the Danish series. 

Danish churches from top: Roskilde Domkirke / Grundtvigskirken / Vor Frelser, København /
Skt. Bendt, Ringsted / Vor Frue, Kalundborg

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  1. I spotted this same window a couple days ago! I googled her name and found your post - thank you!