Will Work For Chocolate

Time to get busy if you live in Denmark, and hope to get any easter eggs. We actually have to do something to get them, and the common thing is to send 'gækkebreve' or easter fools letters - anonymous greetings in which you sign your name with dots, stars, ants, hearts etc. - and write little silly verses about it. They are usually made as pretty paper cuts, and you often put a spring flower in the envelope as well. A very sweet tradition. Now, if the recipient guesses who the sender is, he or she gets an egg. If your greeting remains 'un-guessed' you have the right to claim an egg. 

I made a couple of them for some young ones, not old enough to read blogs, so I can only hope.

I love to get them from children, and this is something Danish children will do (candy is a great motivation), from before they actually learn to write, and the results are sometimes very endearing. 

I borrowed these next two from The Puk Project (top) and MagLinus (number two)

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