Easter Eggs

My four year old son made this one the other day. To me, of course, it rivals the splendour of any diamond encrusted Fabergé egg, and has star billing on the easter tree. Which is not much to show off, yet, by the way. I hope to post a nice, little easter-themed paper project to make, one of these days. Stay tuned...

If you enjoy decorating eggs, I have to show you some images, for inspiration! These photos have been in some corner of my 'beautiful things to keep' folder for years, and I am sad to say that I have absolutely no memory of where I found them - but I know that they are from the Ukraine, and they are from some old book of templates or ideas, for easter egg decoration. If you have more information, please leave a comment!

I think they are fantastic, and should you wish to see more easter eggs from eastern Europe, try this google search: 'pisanki' or even 'pysanki'. Also, I found this little article on different decorating techniques from the blog of the super cool New York-based design studio Kiss Me I'm Polish.

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