Cherry Blossom Flowerballs

One of the most stunning signs of spring in these parts of the world, are fruit trees in bloom. Well, not only in these parts, I guess, but on these latitudes, because just think of the sakura ('Hanami') celebrations in Japan, on the opposite side of the planet! In our garden we have two large old cherry trees, with snow white blossoms, and we have an apple tree with the most spectacular girly pink and red ones. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to have an easter, where they are in bloom and where the weather is nice enough for you to actually eat outside and not freeze your butt off. Lets see how it works out this year. Both easter and blossoms are very close!

These super easy paper flower balls, are a celebration of all these trees going crazy at the moment, be it here or there. They consist of twelve flower shapes that you assemble in about a minute, via the marked slits. Very, very easy. Make as many as you like, and have your own hanami party this weekend, if you don't happen to have a pink flower show + sunshine outside, where you live!

Get the PDF's right here - they come in three slightly different shades and designs:  

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