Volker Kraft from Saalfeld, Germany has a serious hobby

I sat on the train this morning and saw a little story in the free newspaper, about this man in Germany. Every spring he and his wife, Christa, decorate their apple tree with handmade easter eggs (all made the old fashioned way, from real chicken eggs), starting back in 1965 with 18 eggs. They must have enjoyed it, and the tree grew fast, from year to year. The rest is history. These days Volker and Christa hang about 10.000 eggs on the tree, with the help of several ladders, family and friends. It takes them about nine days.

The tree is now world famous and even has its own website!

Top: Travellingtotally.com / Middle: from the blog 'Adore Your Place' / 
Last: Volker and Christas easter egg storage system: NBC News

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